Devan Cole
Artist Statement

My exploration through glass and mixed media is combined to create figurative sculpture that is expressive of emotive, ethereal, and sensual ideologies. I work slowly with an open gaze at the world. The visceral connection I get from spending time in the backcountry of some remote mountain range inspires creativity from the beauty of the natural. The capital energy that is given to me is then spent into the manipulation and creation of my artwork. The continuous cycle of being open to fresh investigations, techniques and ideas assists my creative goals to discover innovative techniques in the glass art field and apply them to works to be exhibited.

My investigations are surrounding the dynamics of our social, emotional, and metaphysical partnership with the universe. The alluring nature of phenomena and the spiritual world is mysterious and clever. Who or whatever has the controls to the marionette of this planet creates a wonderful mystical world that its illumine scent body is theorized by many. My work focus’s with larger gazes to try to understand the meanings of life.

My process as an artist is slow and open to complicit environments. I work this way in order to not pass over new ideas, processes, and fresh investigations. Opening a gaze specifically to psycho-sociological, anthropological, and ethnographic media allows for reactive work to todays society. This includes direct observation, film, photography, prints, CD’s, Internet and other social media. Using non-representational symbols in my work is important to create a distance between the “real” and a generic commodifiable viewer to art relationship. Subtracting the “real” I hope to establish an emotional and spiritual response from viewers.

Subtracting most physical features of the human body and placing the organic form into a focused light, creates the non-representational aesthetic. In Anthropological documentaries or visual anthropology the human subject is often considered the “other.” The deconstruction of this ideology is focusing on generic human forms and organic figures. My illuminated glass represents the connection between the physical and the spiritual world.